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April, 2007

TiE comes to Karachi with Light the fire

TiE comes to Karachi with among other things, a business plan show down between LUMS Lahore and IBA Karachi. My money is riding on LUMS Lahore. Long story, short, I have seen more startups come out of LUMS Lahore, than IBA Karachi. If you are in town, make it a point to attend the show. […]

Alchemy’s first workshop in BKK

Ran a day long workshop on Basel II – Risk Models in Bangkok. Couldn’t be possible without the support and effort of our local partners in Thailand, Wealth Management. We had around 60 participants from the Thai SEC, the Ministry of Finance, the local mutual funds, local banks, and related financial institutions. I am still […]

Second brush with the Big Bad Dee

February 2001… I sort of drowned in the pool, off my loverly (not a typo) pool in southern california. Well not exactly my pool and since I shared with 90 other residents in the complex. But at the time of the first big Dee incident, I was the only one in it, it was as […]