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TiE comes to Karachi with Light the fire

TiE comes to Karachi with among other things, a business plan show down between LUMS Lahore and IBA Karachi. My money is riding on LUMS Lahore. Long story, short, I have seen more startups come out of LUMS Lahore, than IBA Karachi.

If you are in town, make it a point to attend the show. It should be fun.

On a different note HBL has been doing a really marvelous job for sponsoring events like these. The MIT Ken Morse owed it to Ayaz, the HBL CFO and I suspect our thanks are due once again to Ayaz for the TieCon event.

Still can’t understand why TMT gets invited to events like these. They are the money manager every one loves to hate within the entreprenurial as well as the investment community.

TiECon Flier