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Zafar Khan

You heard it here first.

There will come a day in all of your lives when you will say, I know Zafar Khan, I shook his hand and I wear his T-Shirts.

A lucky few will say, I heard him speak at LUMS.

Fewer still will declare, I lost to Zafar, one fine day in November, but found a new friend.

And you will say it with pride.

I already do.

And your audience will hear it with envy.

And if don’t know who Zafar is or what he does, you have no business calling yourself a technology entrepreneur.

Update: It seems that there are quite a few who haven’t heard about Zafar.

Zafar’s official 411

Zafar on winning the BAP

Green and white on TicketNest

And if you have made it this far, by Jan 2009, The Sofizar platform will be the largest technology shop in this country measured by gross earningsĀ . With 19 people, its revenues will exceed those of it’s nearest rivals by a couple of million US$.