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Adnan – Our Pixsense host for SI 1 and SI 7

Adnan and I have this secret deal. The day I will put a half decent picture of his on my blog, I will get a few shares of Pix sense at the series A valuation.

I have also successfully cut the same deal with Dr. Umar Saif at LUMS and BumpIn (but sadly enough Jehan beat me to that), as well as with Fahd at Amana and Zafar Khan at Sofizar. So the day these dudes sell out, I can put my LUMIX to rest and retire. But till then, please call Adnan and tell him that either of these two pictures are better shots than his official mug at the Pixsense homepage or his unofficial mug at our last few SI posts.

Oh and if you are wondering why is Adnan in such a good mood, you must ask him about his new neighbors and their plans for the basement recreation room at Najeeb center. Not to mention he just saw the same neighbors cut to shreds by none other than our own FQ.