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SI 7 – roundup the usual suspects

I think of all the sessions we have done so far in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, we finally hit the right mix with the audience and the format with SI 7. It helped that we had a reasonable number of repeat offenders in the group listening to an equally offensive number of repeat CEO’s.

We had two primary objectives from this session:

  1. Walk the audience through the process of making their first sales call
  2. Help those entrepreneurs who wanted to make a better, stronger and more effective pitch.

The first part started off with a role playing exercise between four odd CEO’s showing how they would go about pitching their products to an identified sales lead. While FQ focused on body language and technique, Yusuf Jan focused on making it realistic, Owais did the product pitch and I did the guidance note.

The second objective was a little more complicated.

We started off by doing the structure of a pitch (Adnan and Pixsense) followed by an actual pitch (moa and Alchemy) followed by an improvised pitch (FQ and Alchemy). Then the group broke off in 4 groups that picked an individual mentor and spent 30 minutes walking through their concept, narrowing down their focus and sharpening their presentation.

Two pizza slices and a shot of coke later, four of the groups presented. Interestingly enough all four had great stories to tell; the pitches will improve with practice but in three hours we had four ideas at a stage where a decent conversation could be started. One hooked up with FQ to follow up on his dream, while the other was quietly bought out by PixSense (and you thought Adnan was smiling because of the rec room).

Highlight of the event: FQ being red carded by four of his fellow CEO’s.

You can also read more about Owais take on the event and more pictures at his blog.

We are still waiting for Jehan‘s post to come out.