Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

And here we go again…

Can’t keep an alchemist away from food for too long.

Since July and August are birthday treat and new hire months at Alchemy, we have had an exceptionally wild week. Early this week was the 18 pie pizza party thrown by Sarang, Hammad and Mussadiq. Which was quickly followed by Arif’s kunnah (an exotic north punjab dish) for lunch affair on Thursday and finally the grand closing with Haider and Rehana kay kebabs and chat this Friday evening.

The event started off quite early with a joint action committee preparing the seekhs (skewers).

It is rumoured that you can’t really get confirmed at this crazy company till you have personally seen a seekh

From its beginning…


to its…



In addition to being good for building character and preparing yourself for our back up plan in case the market for risk products tanks (Alchemy kay kebabs) it also entitles you to a spoon of the star of the show, ta da…. The Bohri chat made by none other than our very own in house chat specialist.

Alternatively we can also live off the good looks of

some of our inhouse models.

If you would like to mingle with all of these exciting individuals at our wild parties; if you are inspired by our creative backup plans for survival in the 21st century and you would like to cap each long day with a good hour long dose of counter strike where you get to shoot and blow up every one you didn’t really get along with this am… Send us a copy of your recipe book and a list of occasions where you single handedly fed more than 50 people.

(On a completely different note, it would have been really nice to do this post on the first day of Ramazan…)