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Evul Boss One – Arrival

With due apologies to Omen One, Star Wars III, First Blood one, Evil dead one and all the other ones out there, Alchemy Technologies proudly presents their new widescreen hit –

Evul Boss One

Brought to you by the daring camera work done by the team from the first floor

Scene One – Alchemy Campus on a fine Wednesday afternoon at 2:45pm. The Empty Room

Evul boss ventures out of his lair and discovers that all indentured younglings have escaped their binding and bonding workstations and are nowhere to be found.

Scene 2, Alchemy campus, 30 seconds later. Younglings

The camera slowly zooms in to the unsuspecting younglings who are still unaware of their dreaded fate

Scene 3, background music from a mix of Psycho, Evil dead and Final Destination. The arrival

The Evul boss arrives.

Scene 4, Evul boss and his Evul Laugh. Evul Boss

Scene 5. Closing scene.

Mortally traumatized, the younglings managed to escape while the Evul boss is still laughing his Evul laugh.

The end.