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You know you are getting old….

And now for something from a completely different side of the menu…

You know you are getting old when:

  1. The two primary items on your annual birthday bash are rest and sleep;
  2. The wild party at work you have been dreaming about all week is a lecture on probability of default models;
  3. The best gift you have ever received on any birthday ever is a voluntary backrub from your eldest child;
  4. Without any threats or begging involved;
  5. You can’t eat your birthday cake because the sugar spike and the resultant hangover will wipe out the remaining part of your weekend;
  6. Your sneakiest gift to yourself is that cold glass of Pepsi you greedily guzzled after everyone went to sleep after the wild party at work;
  7. In conversations and threats involving damage to your sensitive parts, you immediately cover your knees and toes.
  8. Despite your best efforts at evuldom, you are looked upon as the reassuring, elderly, father figure.
  9. You no longer honk behind the slowest car in the fastest lane. Other drivers honk behind yours.

Ah! Age, it catches up with all of us.