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Making music the Zakir Hussain way…

When Mama mentioned Friday afternoon that he had two tickets for the Zakir Hussain show the same evening, I was tempted. I am a big tabla fan and I had heard about but never seen Ustaad (Maestro) Zakir Jee in action. I had no idea what I was in for…

Zakir Hussain and the Sangam team with Charles Lloyd and Eric Harland blew me away. You had to hear it live because no media today is capable of capturing the richness of textures and the chemistry of sound between the Ustaads and the Maestros yesterday. The open air amphitheater at the Dubai Tennis courts just made it richer.

Here is a sample of what we witnessed yesterday from the Sangam show in Vienna.


And here where Charles and Zakir describe what they do in their own words