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Pakistan Risk Review…

In one short month we have now sent two major publications out to the printer. The first (the Blue Screen of Death, retitled Reboot) was easy. I have been working on that book for about 8 years now, and two editions later rewriting a key chapter after close to a decade of heady involvement was like stepping out into memory’s park and drinking directly from the source.

The second one was more difficult.

A yearlong effort, Pakistan Risk Review picks up one part of Pakistan risk that we as a firm understand very well. Over half a decade of playing with risk in an emerging market that still sees 2.5 billion dollars of foreign direct investment (in a horrific year), gives you the tools, the insight and the data to comment. In the 60 page document we slice and dice the analysis the way we would want it sliced and diced as quants and serve it in the form of hard tables on harder numbers.

It will make boring and difficult reading if you dislike numbers but if your dream date is discussing Value at Risk and Capital Adequacy with Emanuel Derman or the scaling effect of fate, destiny and Karma with Naseem Taleb, you won’t be able to put it down.

First print comes out in 10 days. Be nice to me and I may send you a copy.

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