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The airblue update

I finally did get through their customer service number after my travel agent told me that yes it was possible to speak to someone other than the AVR recording on that number. Here are second impressions

  1. Newer, smaller, cleaner aircrafts with an all economy configuration. Seats with more legroom than Emirates.
  2. If you haven’t bought a book to read, absolutely nothing to do on that 2 hour flight but bore yourself to death.
  3. Ground checkin is still as remarkable and smooth as it was at launch. If you have no luggage the self check in point terminal is actually quite decent.
  4. Compared to PIA, their ground staff and their flight crew are very pleasant and helpful.
  5. Food quality has improved, but the serving size has gone down. Avoided the antibiotic curse this time.
  6. They do SMS you a flight status update if there is a schedule change.
  7. However the Islamabad flight still left 45 minutes later than the scheduled delay.
  8. Airblue finally gave in and bought their own shuttle service to get out of the clutches of the CAA overlords at Isloo.
  9. They still need to manage passenger load in the shuttle and figure out how to assist elderly travelers on boarding and deplaning from the aircraft.

Reminded me how much I hate to travel out of Islamabad airport.