Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

Of hope and adversity

Last night stranded between the two lakes on Shaheed-e-Millat and Subzi Mandi I noticed a few things about this great country of ours.

A spontaneous outpouring of volunteers steering traffic, helping cars move to the side and giving directions and updates on which routes to take. A few miles down the road opposite the planetarium, waiters from Usmania were serving ice cold water in glasses to anyone who cared for a drink. Three inches of rain may have flash flooded our route back home, but for Karachites, atleast at 10 pm at night, it was still a grand picnic.

And this morning, the water had magically been swept away. By tomorrow, just like in July, the waste and dirt left in its wake would have also been cleaned up.