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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

The 300

My 300th post on this blog marks a number of milestones.

  1. This morning we received our first Amazon Advantage order for Reboot and Pakistan Risk Review. In the next few days as Amazon receives the shipment and updates the inventory it will be possible for you to buy copies of reboot and Pakistan Risk Review directly from
  2. Over the last 24 hours I have spent more time shuttling back and forth between Dubai airport and the city than ever. Yusuf Jan of Mixit introduced us to a potential North American partner who took a stopover in Dubai to meet with us on his way to Hongkong and we spent close to six hour across three different spots at T3. I have now discovered corners of Dubai airport that are absolutely essential to living in Terminal 3 including the location of the cleanest and least used loos. On a related note did you know that the food court within the departure lounge includes a Lebanese restaurant, a Burger King and a Rupee Room outlet and that you can check in your luggage up to 24 hours before your flight is set for departure? And once you have done that the Metro will take you to most places within Dubai you would want to be.
  3. Between the time I spent at this airport on my birthday on my last visit and this getting to know T3 better adventure, T3 is quickly climbing on my list to kill time working/setting up meetings while you are waiting for your boarding announcement.
  4. On a personal note the best way to reduce the impact of aging is to avoid travelling and airports as much as possible. Every time I pull a 24-36 hour trip, it feels I have lost the same number of years.
  5. Taha, our hyperactive four year old will start his sixth week at CAS this week. But that merits another post in itself.

Over and out.

Update: Just discovered free wifi internet, yippee. While meeting for my last meeting engagement at the airport to show up. What more could one ask for. J