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Glenn Hubbard, Reboot and me

I was a brash and ambitious desi with a business plan at Columbia. Glenn was part of the entrepreneurial faculty at the school. We met and exchanged notes on the sidelines of Amar Bhide’s chat about his upcoming book, “The origin and evolution of new businesses”. A few months later when I lost out during the bidding war for Glenn’s course on Entrepreneurial Finance, he made sure that I made it to the class on day one. Over the next few years he was a regular recipient of the LA LA Land updates that I sent out from sunny California and I pinged him regularly for advice regarding valuations, term sheets and introductions. I made it a point to post a note and Glenn despite his schedule ensured that I would have a response in my mail box the next day.

Glenn then moved on to bigger things, including being on first campaign for GW, becoming the Dean at the school, chairing the Council for Economic Advisors and being one of the top nominees for the role of Chairman of the Federal Reserve after Alan Greenspan stepped down for the role.

Here is Glenn review of the book

“Successful entrepreneurship is a long and winding road toward identifying and capturing opportunity.  This book tells this story in a refreshing and personal way.  The experience and the rich perspective on entrepreneurship make the book especially interesting for anyone thinking about a serious venture.”

Glenn R Hubbard, Dean and Russell L Carson Professor of Finance & Econ, Columbia University


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