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The Google Facebook Lassi date in Karachi or The PASHA Pakistan Tech Crunch Gong Award 2009

What do a seventeen year old high school dropout who reminds me of Steve Jobs and Google and Facebook going out for a Lassi date in Karachi have in common. Beside Karachi and Lassi, they are both presenting today at the first PASHA Pakistan Tech Crunch Gong Awards 2009 at the Karachi Sheraton.

If you want to take a firsthand look at the fresh from the garage/highschool face of the technology industry in Pakistan, make your way to the Darbar Hall between 10 am and 2 pm today.

At stake US$2000 in prizes, the most cynical panel of judges you are ever likely to see in action and bragging rights you wouldn’t believe.

(Blogging live from the judges panel at the PASHA Pakistan Tech Crunch)



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