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November, 2009

From Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) to Reboot – revisited

The original BSOD manuscript took a page out of the Memento playbook. Rather than starting off at the beginning like normal authors do, the book started at the end. Memento style. Kris, our editor, convinced me to switch to the normal world. Her other big suggestion was to bring Alchemy into the story. Failure is […]

The Reboot presentation at TIECON, Karachi – Revisited

The TIECON 2009, Karachi, 4th November 2009, Reboot presentation was the first time I was able to shrink the story in under 20 minutes. Spent three days putting the presentation together but it will be a while before I am able to get to an editor that will run the presentation and the video coverage […]

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From Blue Screen of Death to Reboot; evolution of a presentation

Ashburn Farms is a quite planned neighborhood. The type of town you are likely to hide in after a heartbreak or earth shattering failure or both. Small, private and not at all commercial; hospitable but not invasive; alive in a suburban sense, but not quite there if you are looking to feed off the high […]

Telecompk on Reboot

Babar Bhatti covers Reboot on the Telecompk blog.


iMac Case Study – Mohtashim defects to the Apple camp

ZAK is Back

Finally ZAK posted today on the Windmills blog. Welcome back ZAK, I am not sure if you would appreciate the genre or the noise but 3 Doors Down wrote this for you.

MIT CEF BAP 2009 – Finals (unofficial, unsanctioned, undercover coverage)

I have been spoilt rotten. After blogging about the PASHA SI session as well as the Tech Crunch Awards live, I expect events to be blogged about instantenously. My pictures, my videos, my time. Which is why when I decided to gate crash the MIT CEF BAP party, I brought my own camera. Though by […]

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All is silent on the blogging front

ZAK and Sabeen have both been out of action since T2F. Adnan is in self imposed exile in Dubai. Mohtashim ran off to colder pastures. Tech has been on the road. Teeth frequency of post is down by a suspicious percentage. And CIO Pakistan has been undergoing extended renovation. Pakistan at Alltop looks more and […]

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Ken Morse is in town

Ken Morse was in town the last two nights on his signature whirlwind trip to Karachi. Luckily enough we were able to catch up with him at the Pre-BAP dinner at Farrokh Captain’s home and then again yesterday at the MIT CEF Innovation Confernece. During his Keynote at the conference Ken reinforced the points he […]

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The presentation cheat sheet – Three – The Problem Statement

The presentation that I am most proud of however is the one that we made together as a team for the first MIT BAP competition in Karachi. The judges panel included Ken Morse, Bill Aulet and Imran Saeed, all three from MIT E-Labs. Despite earlier failed attempts to impress Ken, this time we managed to […]

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