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500,000 page-views, 4.5 years, three incarnations

I had been so busy with work, travel, travel, work and breaking the 3 dollar Adsense barrier that I completely missed a milestone I had been eagerly awaiting for the past few months.

Somewhere in May, (don’t know when), the Desi Back to Desh blog crossed 500,000 page views. I was just checking my regular blog stats when it the 530,000 page views figure hit me.

It took 4.5 years in coming, but the ride to 500,000 page views from 400,000 was certainly a lot more faster than the time it took us to cross 400,000 starting from 300,000 page views.

Thank you dear readers for taking out the time to drop by and reading the idle chit chat of truly neurotic mind…

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