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My Google Adsense Adventure – Traffic update

Here is the traffic update for the month of May, a full three days early before month end. Given the long weekend in North America, the origin of most of my traffic, there is not going to be much to write home about on the 31st.

Last Saturday I wrote my 3 months Google Adsense progress report, where we decided to focus primary on the Oil Insights blog and see if we could bring about an improvement in traffic and numbers. This decision was driven by a struggle to break 3 dollars a month in Adsense revenues and I thought that building up on the sites that are working in terms of click through rates and cents per click may be a worthwhile cause.

Crude Oil Insights – Growth trend after Technorati Top 100.


Here is the impact on the entire portfolio. To summarize:

Desi Back To Desh – Remains the 800 pound gorilla for the month of May, with 1,200 unique visitors a month, 11,000 page views and Google Page Rank 4.

Crude Oil Insights – After breaking into the Technorati 100 early this week, traffic is beginning to pick up and the blog has also started to climb in the Google search engine results. Crude Oil Insights posts have made it to page 2 and 3 and will hopefully make an appearance on page one before June is out. Oil Insights will close May with 400 unique visitors and 3400 page views and Google Page Rank 2.

Learning Finance – Originally number 2, from a daily and weekly traffic benchmark, Learning Finance, has slid to number 3 to make room for Oil Insights to grow. 650 unique visitors and 1485 page views, still waiting for a Google Page Rank.

Startup Insights –And finally the newest and latest arrival to the scene check in with 300 visitors and 900 page views.

Combined with three other sites that right now don’t do Adsense advertising the total traffic volume for May is about 3,000 unique visitors, 62,000 spiders, and 18,000 page views per month. Google Adsense impressions for May will clock in just under 4,000 per month, while the number for April for 4,600. For the site portfolio to hit the budgeted 10 dollar number for June, the 3,000 unique visitors need to become 6,000; the 18,000 page views per months need to cross 40,000 page views and the Google Adsense impressions need to cross 10,000.

Here are the screenshots from the Statpress Statistical package

Startup Insights

Desi Back To Desh

Crude Oil Insights

Learning Finance