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My Google Adsense mis-adventure – Site portfolio and profiles – Part II

Here is the profile of my adsense enabled sites, their traffic patterns and their revenue contribution over the last three months. I am open to any tips, suggestions, ideas and thoughts that will help me double or triple these numbers in the next four weeks.

Desi Back To Desh blog

The very first blog that I started writing in 2004 that migrated across two wordpress implementation and an original blogger blog. The blog somehow earned a Google Page Rank 4 (I had nothing to do with it) and gets between 30 – 70 unique visitors a day, ignoring spiders, crawlers and bots and about 250 a day including them. From a traffic point of view this is the only blog in our portfolio that gets more than a 1000 unique visitors a month and about 2,500 page views a month. The spikes that you see are linked to offline courses run by our risk management practice. Unfortunately despite a number of link and adsense optimizers running on the blog, the revenue contribution has been a big fat zero. And as you can see from my Google Analytics page its not because we only get desi traffic, the desi back to desh blog has a healthy international following.

Learning Corporate Finance Blog

A re-incarnation of the Avicena adventure, the learning finance blog now has free online courses on treasury risk, treasury operations, corporate finance, valuation, credit applications, credit process, small business credit, derivative trading, credit derivatives, risk management and analysis of financial statements. The Finance courses generate the most traffic per day as well as the most page views per day and also the second largest share of Adsense revenues. And the best part about the traffic is that most of it is first world and 60% of it comes through search engines.


Crude Oil Insights blog

The Oil Insights blog focuses on understanding crude oil exposures from an oil price risk, oil price volatility, oil exposure hedging, oil correlation and oil trading point of view. While it record much lower traffic than our first two stars, from a revenue generation point of view, the Oil Insights blog is a clear winner and leader. My primary focus over the next two months is on getting the Oil insights blog as much exposure as possible through technorati and alltop and see if the increased traffic also results in increased revenue. Like the Learning Finance, the Oil Insights blog also attracts more first world traffic than any other blog on my domains and 64% of it comes through search engines.


StarupInsights Blog

My dedicated blog on startup mentoring came about when I got sick of searching for old posts on the Desi Back to Desh blog. Unfortunately both from a traffic and revenue generation point of view the startup blog has been somewhat of an also ran. While the blog will most likely stay, atleast at this point of time, it is not likely to get a lot of time or attention from our core team given how it has been out performed by the Oil Insight and Learning Finance blogs.