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The Swan Thieves – The other novel by Elizabeth Kostova

In my old age I am getting crankier and difficult to work with. Little things set me off like a fire cracker. And every now then I take a reaction to heart and go hide behind my laptop. When time gets tough this laptop hiding game becomes even more interesting and frequent.

Two months ago in the midst of a multi modal mid life crisis about the business I had built and destroyed I came across Elizabeth Kostova’s The Swan Thieves. I had loved her story telling style in the Historian and the Swan Thieves was just as compelling a read. But more importantly I had never thought that a book would cure me of cynicism and of despair, of the misery of disappointment and expectations. Surprisingly enough the Swan Thieves did all that and more. Sometimes a book fits so perfectly within the sine curve of our mood swings that the resulting peace is unexpected and surprising.

So if you find yourself in a thankless job and there are times when you feel like hanging up your laptop bag and reaching for that old blanket, do yourself a favor and grab a copy of the Swan Thieves. You won’t be disappointed.