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October, 2012

Building social media presence for a new online financial training startup.

Our Social Media portfolio is still a work in progress but what was started by Scheheryar Khan in June is really taking solid shape. This is in addition to our YouTube, Facebook & Linkedin pages. Lots of wrong turns and dead ends but great education all the same. In terms of traffic and sales generation, […]

Karachi Riding School – Hippotherapy for special needs children in Karachi.

Haseeb Mehta learned a valuable lesson as a polo player in Lahore in a different life. Learning to ride a horse goes beyond just riding an animal. It’s about building a relationship, a partnership with another living being using language that is not taught in any school. The end result when the conversation works, as […]

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Karachi Kites at the Karachi Horse Riding School

I had always wanted to do this but never had the right camera, lights, poses or models. This morning while Taha did his hippotherapy session with Haseeb at the Karachi Riding School, Fawzia and I found a couple of cooperative Karachi Kites who were lazy (on unaware) enough to act as models. No words are […]