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Karachi city update

Was at work all day and then went from Baloch Colony bridge to Khayaban-e-Bahria to pick up the kids (5pm) and then took Kalapul, Shahrae-Faisal and Karsaz to head home to Gulshan (5:30 pm). Roads are open, traffic is thin, lots of security being deployed and petrol stations are closed. Two blasts in the city. […]

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Talent ,Technology, Management

Ages ago for an upcoming PASHA career expo I did a piece on hiring. A few months earlier I had done a presentation on knowledge workers at Zayed University Campus in Abu Dhabi. Today at the Nutshell forum I used ideas from both pieces to do a different take on talent management within the technology […]

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I have now been doing this “risk” business for more than a decade. Eleven years ago, right about this time, I was rudely introduced to my first risk application. Fresh from my actuarial exams, I was stumped on an interview question dealing with moments of a distribution. I have read the material, struggled with it, […]

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Editors’ Note, Pakistan Risk Review

Emerging markets require special attention. Standard models don’t apply, conventional wisdom doesn’t work and traditional thinking can quickly land you in uncharted and troubled territory. Pakistan as an economy is not that different from other emerging markets.   Like others we have our own personal challenges and demons. However given our special needs and situation […]

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You were saying, a rejoinder four…

Look here and here. There is more behind the G-20 and Nato protests than these selective images show case. The violence is hard to ignore but it overshadows the cause, the concept, the organization or the impact. So if I was the only source of information you had, my commentary the basis of your opinion, […]

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One step at a time…

When a good friend described me as Viagra and dope pimp given the links spread across my blog and the RSS feed, I had to upgrade to 2.7. Yes, I know, peer pressure is a terrible thing. Given my technically luddite status, despite my first degree in computer science, I was happy to note that […]

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