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The Risk and Finance Rock Star campaigns…

Very excited about the new artwork, branding and design behind the Risk and Finance Rock Star campaigns launching later this week. After a first round of testing the 90 second video spot has now been finalized and will go live on Youtube later tonight. Stay tuned, more exciting stuff planned for launch in early August […]


The content business is all about slicing and repackaging. It’s a difficult lesson that we have learnt after playing with specialized risk and treasury management education over the last four years. A journey that started with a market risk metrics publishing experiment in 2008 that after six different pivots ultimately became our most popular risk […]

Wateen Telecom: A big thank you

Every now and then I am forced to eat my words. Today I am going to willingly and happily do it. Yesterday I raised a big ruckus because of a delivery issue by a vendor. Or what I thought was a vendor problem. Turned out later we called on someone to install a connection who […]

Selling risk and treasury training online. The journey of one startup from text to iBooks for the iPad.

Selling risk and treasury training online…The journey of one startup from text to iBooks for the iPad. Here is an interesting plot for a business plan and a best seller novel. Start with a successful risk consulting practice. Add two decades of consulting experience covering multiple markets, regions and hundreds of engagements. Mix an architect, […]

Gold prices anyone? – Going up or down?

Interestingly enough I did this post on the prospects of Gold prices just about now (in August) last year. A lot of friends have started taking exposure to Gold thinking that it is bound to go up in the long run. I am not so sure. Read on about our modeling adventure with Gold prices. […]

Financial Risk Management Training – Join Jawwad’s Risk Management MBA course students online

Here are the details for joining the free online financial risk management class – no registration is required. The training course was originally designed for business school students and MBA candidates but draws materials from my mainstream risk management courses delivered to banking, treasury and risk customers in the Middle East and Far East. The […]

First things first – what have I been upto

By now you must have heard. I spent the last year re-building the training business that started off the first Alchemy experiment. While the core team had been working on the concept as a side project for over two years, in January 2012 we finally started hiring again. While last year was about content and […]

I am back – Lots of updates, lots of explanations

The rumors are true. The grainy pictures making the rounds are also genuine. I am back. After a break of over six months, Arbab and Scheryar finally managed to fix the broken themes and my broken blog. Which was part of the problem. The other part was my travelling lifestyle that clocked more hours in […]

PTCL Plays Hardball with Maxcom customers

Imagine a world where you are extremely unhappy with your broadband service and you disconnect it. The service provider confirms that it has been done. You receive an email confirming that your request has been received. You hear nothing for the next few weeks. In August you find out that the service provider has been […]

The P@SHA Making History Project

Do you like to travel to exotic location with strange people? Do you like to write and take pictures and record videos? Can you move social media with a flick of your pen? Make founders and geeks clamor for your attention? If you fit the bill, take at look at the P@SHA Making History Project. […]

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