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Get help early for your child

NYT article on speech delays and child development. Getting Taha to Anika Shah a year before he started school has made a world of difference in his life and ours and it made it possible for him to focus on settling down at CAS without worrying about academics. Don’t ignore the signs, don’t be in […]

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C is for cookie and its good enough for me.

30th September 2009, today, marked Taha’s 8th week at CAS Kindergarten section. Taha’s routine in the morning is a complete room by room tour of the school, including a handshake with the fire engine and Barney, and a landing at the Library before heading towards his class room where we hand him over to Noreen. […]

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A child is a lamp…

A child is a lamp waiting to be lit, not a vessel that needs to be filled… Some of you, the oldest and closest of my readers, remember BBS; Baby Boy Salahuddin born on 19th February 2005 at his grandmother’s clinic and then rushed to AKU’s neo natal ICU on his first day on planet […]

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