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Dear Sergey and Larry…

Dear Sergey and Larry Greetings from the land of the pure. I am sure you have heard of our lovely country (official motto: we are in the news again) and the more than 8 million loyal Google customers who are slightly miffed at you. We are the ones who advertise online using Adwords and Admob, […]

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My love affair with Google, Google check out, Part I

It was the beginning of the year that would mark the turn of the century. I was a second year MBA student at Columbia, sharing a conference room with a first year who had just moved to New York from the valley. We shared a seat each at the Integrity Board Club and I don’t […]

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On Vista, Chrome rocks – notes of a defector

It has been exactly twenty four hours since I gave up on Internet Explorer and Safari and moved to Chrome and all I can say is that I regret every minute I spent on the last two browsers. If I had switched to Chrome a few months ago, so much heartache would have simply vanished […]

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Defecting to Google Chrome

Took Moti’s advise today and finally defected to Google Chrome. I recently became a fan of Google after Badar Khushnood intervened to help me sort out a misunderstanding. And then when I finally got sick of both IE and what’s his name Safari crashing on Vista every 5 minutes, I finally downloaded chrome today. And […]

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Hans Rosling, Gapminder & Google.

Two days ago I received a cryptic email from a prospective client. It had a link and a simple “Take a look at this please.” I did. I recommend that you do the same. Hans Rosling and Google together have done more for statistics with their tool, their presentation and their data aggregation than all […]

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