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New York

Memories, Cookaracha Guides or Venture number two…

Much before Reboot and the Blue Screen of Death, before the Alchemy discussion on our family dinner table and the wild dreamy bet that turned out to be Avicena, before blogging and before DesiBackToDesh, in a land far far away (then marked as Geocities in Jedi lore) there was once a venture named Cookaracha Guides. […]

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The original Blue Screen of Death Launch post

A walk down memory lane, old backup drives and fossilized emails produced this mail shot from early 2006. How’s that for perspective? At the business school orientation for new arrivals, a fellow student asked me why I was at Columbia. My response drew a look of confusion – “I always wanted to write a book, […]

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The road not taken

Beware of the Ides of December. 10 years ago, this month, packed up and got ready to move to New York. 9 years ago, the same month, received my first six figure offer and said no. The next time the month came along, I found myself in Tokyo, pitching to the third largest bank on […]

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