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March, 2007

Travelling again

Off to Bangkok, Dubai and Amman, Jordan. Will be out of action for the next 15 days. In the mean time Life is a crisis, all life long (sung to the tune of Life is a Highway, the Cars song….)

Sohail Hashmi turns 90

Sohail Hashmi of the Breakfast show at 89 (the no breakfast show in Ramadan), turns 90. End of this month, listeners to Classics, Rocket, Jazz, Soul and Golden Oldies will have to find another RJ to enlighten them because Sohail is moving on. Sohail has been a breath of fresh air in our lives. Monday […]

Two new covers

Just wrapped up two new cover designs for our new product brochure and our new platform handbook. All credits go to Jehan, Nida and Sabir at Enabling Technologies or ET. ET is so good and efficient that it is scary. In our last two projects it took them less than 48 hours to come up […]

At work on Pakistan day

We thought the best way to celebrate Pakistan day would be to contribute to the GDP. Half the team is in the office slaving off for a client pitch on Monday.

Mohtashim joins the cause

It was a long drawn three year pitch but it finally happened in early February. Mohtashim Ahmed finally quit his day job and joined the cause at Alchemy. A veteran of Clear Cube, IBM and Inbox, Mr. Shim will be helping us scale up and get leaner, meanier and nastier.

Ken Morse and MIT on selling in Karachi

Ken Morse, Bill Aulet and David Spector, from MIT E-labs conducted a two day crash course on selling for new ventures in Karachi. The two day workshop had 80 odd registered participants, all of them pre-qualified by the organizers. It was well worth it. Ken and Bill will be back in June to do a […]

Murder on the wordpress express…

Well not so dramatic but we sort of got derailed by a errant line of code and were down for the past two weeks. We are up again, once again, thanks to Mohtashim and his weekends.

The Faisal Chohan Posts – II

The second post was written 5 days later for Friday times.  Friday times ran a shorter, edited and modified version. Gist is still valid today.  Forget PTCL and PSO, give technology a chance and you will not recongize Pakistan 10 years from now. Three technology entrepreneurs, one in Adiala Jail, one in Stanford, one on […]

The Faisal Chohan Posts – I

Here is a series of posts that went around in early December 2006, on the Faisal Chohan and Cogilent issue. They are dated, but to some extent still relevant. This first post, is the note that went out earlier in December when we were still trying to get Faisal out of Adiala Jail.  By the […]

My dream vacation

Unlimited supply of fresh coconuts, white sandy beaches, 10 dollar rooms, no pressure, 25 degree weather and a new book to write…

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