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Ken Morse and MIT on selling in Karachi

Ken Morse, Bill Aulet and David Spector, from MIT E-labs conducted a two day crash course on selling for new ventures in Karachi. The two day workshop had 80 odd registered participants, all of them pre-qualified by the organizers.

It was well worth it. Ken and Bill will be back in June to do a one day workshop on valuations and will possibly do two more similar events before the year is out. Keep an eye out at the Pakistan Entrepreurship forum

My personal take aways:

a) I suck at the elevator pitch
b) I may be good enough to sell in Pakistan, but it will take a fair bit of work before I can compete at selling globablly

Ken sort of lit our personal bonfires in the three sessions he led. I was very happy with my projected year end numbers before I stepped into Karachi Sheraton. Now I want to make my last quarter count.