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Two new covers

Just wrapped up two new cover designs for our new product brochure and our new platform handbook. All credits go to Jehan, Nida and Sabir at Enabling Technologies or ET.

ET is so good and efficient that it is scary. In our last two projects it took them less than 48 hours to come up with a concept that worked for us and another 48 hours to execute it. In a technology shop like ours that is typically running ahead of itself (or late in plainspeak), commitment and dedication like this in partners really counts. Plus Jehan is great fun to work with and if called for Nida and Sabir will kill themselves to hit your deadline. The catch, they’d better like you, or you won’t qualify as a customer.

Let their work speak for itself

The Platform Handbook
The platform handbook

The platform handbook lays out the choices and featureset across alchemy products. It serves as ok, we are ready to deal, lets work out which combo works best for us.

The product brochure below on the other hand focuses on the one key word, we want our customers to associate with us as well as Alchemy Risk Manager… RISK.

The Product Brochure
The new product brochure cover