Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

I am baaaaaaaaack

Amman, Jordan was an interesting experience. So was the new all dug up Dubai… And the teaching gig at SP Jain in Academic City and the two kilometers I had to walk to Karachi airport with 35 Kgs of luggage to catch the 12:15 emirates connection to Dubai to make it on May 12th.

I have never felt so old and so young at the same time. A week of 18 hour days to revive the spirits and my stiff and sore self the next morning to remind me that I am not at FAST ICS any more. Some one asked me yesterday if I was still having fun and all I could manage was I am too tired to care…

I think its part travel, part age, part routine and the rest can be blamed on my rising intake of caffiene, stress and cyncism.

More later…