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Dissing Standard Chartered Bank

And while we are at dissing Standard Chartered, let me state for the record that their new Islamic Banking campaign, Sadiq, is incredibly absurd. While they are in the process of firing their call center team, they should also fire their agency and who ever approved the Sadiq campaign internally.

When UBL launched Ameen, it was brilliant execution and had some meaning. Similarly EGIBL’s launch with a focus on nor, light, purity and guidance was done very well. For Islamic banking products, a name that meant worthy of trust and a reference to the origin of Islam, made sense, had appeal and was rolled out very tastefully. It made the name for both the bank and the launching agency. To copy that campaign without thinking through the implications is a great example of whenever a group thinks alike, no one is doing any thinking at all. Sadiq means truthful. I understand the relevance of Ameen to banking, how does Sadiq achieves that positioning? Yes I understand the relationship to the origins of Islam but I fail to see the brand that SCB wants to create.