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Karachi United, redux

Heard on the sidelines of Karachi United Football Club, Coach to his class of little ones…

“Its not about the goal, its about the ball. When its not about the ball, its about the mindset”

I have now been a KUFC summer camp father on the side lines for three weeks. It has been a very moving experience for a number of reasons

a) First young kids teaching other younger kids how to do well with football in three groups of near adults, over 3 feet and under 3 feet. The moving part is to see how good the coaches as well as some of their younger prodigies are. The more moving part is seeing a group of 100 odd kids having fun in a constructive, disciplined fashion in a nicely maintained publicly funded facility.  There is hope for this country

b) I have overcome the laws of inertia and have finally started moving again (no pun intended). While Mr. Farid, Jr is getting his ass kicked in soccer, Sr Mr. Farid is busy hauling 200 lbs of flab around the soccer field. And let me tell you, that is as moving, as a moving experience gets..