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PASHA Career Expo – Karachi, 16th June 2007

Three words. Don’t miss it

I think it is the only industry event of its kind that not just brings geeks and their potential bosses together but:

a) As an employer gives you the mileage and profile you deserve. Last year in Karachi, it was used as a benchmark to guage how well you were doing as a firm. If things were happening at your practice, you were there. If they were not, you weren’t.  Stand up and be counted. The companies in the news that were there – Etilize, Mixit, Pixsense, THK, Si3,Catco, SHMA, Systems, Alchemy….

b) As an employee, I don’t think you will get a better chance to interact with the industry at their stalls, at student and career counselling, at workshops or otherwise. We had mock interviews, break out sessions, career counselling and on the spot interviews.

PASHA Career Expo


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