Desi Back to Desh

Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

The second floor and Tee-M or Suji ka Halwa

The second floor is Sabeen and ZAK’s latest creation. Off Ittehad (after Axact but before KFC, going towards Korangi road) it is the hideout of the jazziest and coolest of all rebels. With a hunter beef sandwich and a green apple chiller to kill for, the ambiance is that of a stylish, mid market studio with a generous kitchen and a radical host. Sabeen’s tag line is to bring civility (or civilization) back to Karachi.

So this thursday night, we had Tee-M (Tariq Mirza) better known as the Suji Ka Halwa (FM-89, Sohail Hashmi) guy in for a cozy, solo performance. Did he rock or what? Let me put it this way, after all the bad music I have had to endure in this town on account of me too bands, TM was like a bottle of ice cold water after 90 minutes of football practice in Karachi’s hot humid afternoons. Two covers into the show I leaned over and said “Now this is talent”. 

If you missed him at the second floor, you can catch him again on Thursday, June 21st, 7 pm at the Alliance Francaise.

Foot note to Tee-M. The locally ripped CD’s of the album suck and do no justice at all to your talent.