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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

July, 2007

In search of Profound(ness)

In a country marked by religious intolerance and extremisim, the most popular underground band comes from the bazars of Peshawar. For a nation in mourning after Lal masjid, Pervez Hoodbhoy summarize the paradox faced by our civil society… “The Lal Masjid ideologues did not rouse their followers to action on matters of poverty, unemployment, poor […]

Why is it a bad idea to pee on toilet seats… or the State of bathrooms in this country?

In my undeniable quest for controversy and traffic, I now have to stoop to the gutter (metaphorically speaking). And no I am not talking about just the Golden Arches bathrooms at Karachi Airport and/or Sea View. This is equally true for private bathrooms, be they at offices or homes. Every single time I have opened […]

Blue screen of death – new edition on the cards

Finally decided to take some more time off (ah the joys of working for oneself) and redo the book again based on the all the feedback received. Here is the new cover, once again a great job by Jehan and Nida at Enabling Technologies. If that potter woman can do 7 books in 7 years, […]

Have fire, will travel or Why you should listen to your heart

It is bad enough that I have been asked to stay inside my room by my team, that Osama Hashmi at Green and white and I are playing tag, that I am not playing by the rules, now Adnan Haider ( is jumping in to this debate to turn this into a threesome. For those […]