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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

Why is it a bad idea to pee on toilet seats… or the State of bathrooms in this country?

In my undeniable quest for controversy and traffic, I now have to stoop to the gutter (metaphorically speaking).

And no I am not talking about just the Golden Arches bathrooms at Karachi Airport and/or Sea View. This is equally true for private bathrooms, be they at offices or homes. Every single time I have opened my bathroom doors to a visitor in need, you guessed it… I have been disappointed in their level of concern for the person right behind them (me) as well as the perception they create for themselves (me again).

If clean bathrooms were used as a benchmark for entry into heaven (especially since our religion is half clean… joke, joke, don’t lynch me as yet), I would think that only the Thai would be allowed across Pearly Gates. The rest of us would spend an eternity cleaning after ourselves.

Here is some timeless advice for future bathroom users. In my office or elsewhere. Courtesy, an unknown email from an unknown source, circa six months ago…