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Between airports, airplanes and transit lounges

September, 2007

The Alchemy Story – redux

This has been an interesting week. I was out for a week in Dubai teaching our second course on derivative pricing at the EMBA program at SP Jain. The day I come back and check out my favorite blogs, I find that we received great coverage first from Osama Hashmi at Green and White, then […]

Oppss I did it again

Yup. Me and wordpress don’t interface well.  For that matter, me and blogspot didn’t interface well too.. I am now actively looking for some one to take ownership for maintaining this blog. I will do the writing, you do the pressing. Please send in a short application confirming that you will work for the sheer […]

Now playing James Blunt…

1973, Billy, Annie, You are Beautiful, Cry

Sami Mustafa – CAS and beyond

But Sami has a new question. Sami has had this question since 1981. From the year before I started at BVS. Don’t other children deserve to be happy? To be confident? To grow? To find their own Dina M. Mistri? To dance away with the wind and look at loving faces that look back with […]

Sami Mustafa – one

1983…I went to a Parsi school. There it is out there and out of my system. It gave me a solid footing as an individual and put me in care of teachers who changed my life. I found friends who have stayed with me in thick and thin and to whom I still turn to […]