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October, 2007

Live from Singapore

Now teaching live in Singapore at the SP Jain Campus. And yes I have finally switched to Blog Jet.

Sami Mustafa and the Nishtar School project update

Since the initial post went out, we have now raised Rupees 2.45 million in ten days. The computer lab is now taken care of courtesy of a benefactor from Canada. Another 9.55 million to go. Keep them coming.

PASHA ICT Awards 2007 submission deadline…

Now extended to 18:00 hours on the evening of 21st October 2007 on popular demand… Make the additional hours count.

I hate windows

Yup, it is not your imagination… The sidebars are gone again  

APICTA / PASHA Awards do’s and don’ts – old post rehash

Old post from around a year ago. Still relevant Quick update after Osama comment: With apologies to Seth Godin, here is the attached pdf Reallybad powerpoints.pdf  APICTA Do’s and Don’ts – Confessions from Chiang Mai, Thailand   Do’s   Plan on arriving a day early so that you have had a chance to chat with […]

PASHA ICT Awards 2007 Update

Jehan did a great post on the Awards, the categories and the process. If you are looking for nomination forms and additional details, here is the entire package in a neat and tidy zip file ( Thank you Yusuf for getting this done.  

The PASHA ICT Awards 2007 / APICTA ICT Awards 2007

The PASHA ICT Awards are now open for nomination.  Category winners represent Pakistan at the APICTA ICT Awards 2007 in Singapore. As a participant in the 2005 awards in Thailand as well as a judge in the 2006 awards in Macau here are some of my thoughts on why a Pakistani company should look at participation at […]

The Nishtar School Project – What can you do to help?

We need money primarily to make a point. Even with the same raw materials, the same teachers, the same students, the same community, you can dramatically turnaround a school. The money is needed to: Renovate the school building, clean up the grounds, rebuild the bathrooms, fix the plumbing and the wiring To build well equipped […]

Sami Mustafa – Fatima Jinnah Girls School, Nishtar Road, Karachi

Four experiments down the road, Sami is now on his fifth. This time he is not doing it alone. He is aiming at something much larger and visible and he has put everything he has learnt in the last 12 years to work. Fatima Jinnah Girls School, Nishtar Road, Karachi is home to an entire […]

Get well soon Jehan – update

Jehan has not been well the past few days.  High fever and other related symptoms.  She was finally (forcibly?) checked into OMI today. I hope she has her laptop and that OMI has cutting edge wireless connectivity. And that she gets well soon. Update as at 03 October evening: Fever is under control but platelet count […]