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The Nishtar School Project – What can you do to help?

We need money primarily to make a point. Even with the same raw materials, the same teachers, the same students, the same community, you can dramatically turnaround a school.

The money is needed to:

  1. Renovate the school building, clean up the grounds, rebuild the bathrooms, fix the plumbing and the wiring
  2. To build well equipped labs for Computers, Science and languages
  3. To provide supplies and materials for arts and to finance teachers for additional extracurricular subjects including languages, fields trips and vocational training
  4. To change the curriculum to a more functional composition, already tried and tested at the CAS school using book groups books and daily worksheets
  5. An air-conditioned library and a power generator

The capital improvement budget is 12 million in addition to the 10 million already raised, committed and allocated. The operational budget is Rs.500,000 per month.

This is not a social experiment. The end state is a self sustained school that becomes a prototype for change for the government, the education department and the development, funding and donor agencies. Proof that the bumble bee can fly…

How can you help?

We need one hundred and twenty pledges for Rs.100,000 (US$1500) for the capital expenditure required to physically improve the infrastructure at the school. We also need 100 pledges for Rs.5000 (US$85) per month for the next one year to run the school. If you would like to help, get us one of each.