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November, 2007

We are hiring

Alchemy Technologies Private Limited, Karachi, Pakistan Google MIT BAP Pitch   Compensation: Dependent on experience, credentials and fit Designation: Associates, Analysts, Actuarial Students and Geek Gods Start Date: Immediate   Who are we? Alchemy is an award winning boutique risk management and actuarial practice working with blue chip customers in Pakistan, Far East […]

MIT BAP – Lessons learnt

Here are the key take away’s from about three months of interaction with the MIT BAP Team Omit needless words. From the presentation as well as your script. Laser sharp focus is preferred over diversification. Do one thing exceedingly well. Even if you are doing 50 things (not a good thing) in total, simplify your […]

BAP Pitch posted.

BAP Pitch – The pitch Seth’s remarable piece on how (not) to present –> Here  

Alchemy, MIT BAP – Part II

Deciding what to wear ended up being a no brainer. Though I have done Hawaiian shirts, jean as well as rude tshirts in the past, we just took Guy Kawasaki’s advice… When in doubt, over dress. Still by the time the presentation started, I had already dumped the jacket. Also as per Guy’s advise we […]

Alchemy picks up MIT BAP runner’s up award – One

Winning is a funny thing. Sometimes you have to lose to really appreciate what you have. This of course comes from a guy who wrote the book on failure that failed to become a success. Just like Akamai we picked up the runners up prize at the MIT BAP award. The winners were an algorithmic […]

And the results are in – MIT BAP Winners and Runners up

We lost. But we came in as the runners up team behind two obscenely bright guys from Caltech with a business model that basically prints money. We didn’t mind losing at all, because there is honor in losing out to Caltech. And how can you possibly beat a printing press for cash. Here is the final ranking […]

Emergency – a guide for our non-local friends, and our local friends who are no longer local…

Guys, listen. Yes it is a big deal. Yes it means an enormous amount to go through what we are going through. No, this does not mean that life in Pakistan will come to a standstill, that your interests will be hijacked or held hostage or that we will not deliver on our contracts or […]

Chin up…

Dear Osama Living in this country require that we take what destiny, fate and our combined stupidity and greed throw our way, in our stride and move on. I have now been a thinking state resident of Pakistan for about 20 years. My earliest recoverable memories are from school days; getting on G-3 at Regal […]

Status update on Karachi

City is calm and peaceful. I drove between 20:00 hours and 23:00 hours from Hassan Square, Sea View and back via Karsaz and Shahrae-Faisal. The traffic is normal, no major deployment of police, army or rangers and it feels like just any other busy night. We had a pre planned class dinner with an old […]

You just lost my vote, Mr. President…

Oh sorry, my mistake, I don’t have one anymore… One step forward, ten years backwards and the sorriest speech I have never heard… In essence, here is the deal and the rationale. Since the Judiciary went Rambo, and the media got out of hand and the investors were leaving in droves, it was thought prudent […]

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