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PASHA ICT Awards Winner 2007

PASHA ICT Awards 2007 Winners. Best Brand, Best Growth and Best Employer will be announced on Awards night in December.

Financial Applications:
Winner: Kolachi Advanced Technologies – Product: XTreme
Merit: Netsol Technologies – Product: LeaseSoft

Communication Applications:
Winner: PixSense – Product: Pixsense PSP

General Applications:
Winner: Core Digital Frameworks Pvt Ltd – Product: CDF Snip

E-Government & E-Community Applications:

Winner: Netsol Technologies – Product: Motor Transport Management Information System
Merit: Kalsoft Pvt Ltd – Product: Electoral Roll System for Election Commission of Pakistan

Start-Up Company
Winner: Amaana

Media & Entertainment Applications
Winner: Si3 – Product: News, Information, Entertainment & Community Services Portal
Security Applications
Winner: Secure Auditor, Secure-Bytes