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We are hiring

Alchemy Technologies Private Limited, Karachi, Pakistan

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Compensation: Dependent on experience, credentials and fit

Designation: Associates, Analysts, Actuarial Students and Geek Gods

Start Date: Immediate


Who are we?

Alchemy is an award winning boutique risk management and actuarial practice working with blue chip customers in Pakistan, Far East and Middle East. We create value by working with non-traditional, cutting edge solutions at the intersection of finance, computer science, mathematical modeling and the actuarial profession. That’s the official version. (Unofficially no one knows what we do, why, how, where and when we do it. But you are more than welcome to find out)

External validation for Alchemy business models and products includes the following awards:

  1. KRL combined professional and commercial category winner 2005,
  2. PASHA ICT Awards 2005 (Best Financial Application),
  3. APICTA ICT Awards 2006, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Finalist,
  4. MIT BAP 2007 Runners up.

We also have two joint ventures in place with partners in Thailand and Singapore and to date have run engagements in Karachi, Lahore, Dubai, Riyadh, Bangkok and Singapore.

What is the role?

Typical to startup fashion, there are no boundaries to the role you can play in creating momentum and your place within this organization. Team members typically start within Technology, Delivery, Consulting or Domain and depending on performance and interests grow into broader and more responsible positions.

Who are you? As a professional:

1. A good undergraduate or graduate degree in business, mathematics or Computer science.

2. A head for numbers and algorithms balanced with an ability to apply them and the potential to grow into client facing roles.

3. Assume nothing, question everything, hold your own and still get along with peers and clients.

4. Experience of working with high performance cross functional teams.

Who are you? As an individual:

1. Start up mindset. Hands on, can do attitude.

2. Sense of humor and the ability to handle and survive high pressure deadlines.

3. Capacity to think out of the box on a consistent basis irrespective of Karachi weather, traffic conditions or KESC promises.

Why should you apply?

1. If you enjoy solving high bandwidth problems in ample sunshine with a very sharp and talented team; (vampires need not apply, the resident evil position has already been filled)

2. If you yearn for work life balance, Nando’s chocolate cakes, flexible hours, improving your table tennis game and broadening your professional horizons at the same time; (working mothers are very welcome)

3. If your claim to fame was counting to ten in four languages at the age of three, doing long division by the time you turned five, speed mathematics in your early teens and running matrix multiplication problems in your head before you learnt how to use a calculator.


Please send a cover letter describing why we should read your resume and a copy of your resume to Director Projects at

In the unfortunate event that you are short listed, please be prepared to go through a grueling two day evaluation process involving multiple hours of tests and unconventional interviews. If you survive you will become part of a growing team of 35 incredible individuals who will help you redefine your personal frontier every day.