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December, 2007

Making pitches that last…

Lessons learnt If you have something important to say, say it within the first 10 minutes. Rather than closing with a bang (the most important slide of your presentation), start with one. If a pitch is not important enough for you to practice, it is not important enough to be made. Respect the time, the […]

Another day, another year, another deal – II

19th December 2007. Five years down the road, I think our biggest achievement is that we now have great candidates coming in as walk in(s). We still don’t advertise on traditional media except for the occasional once in six months posts on GOF and the “We are hiring” fliers at FAST, CBM and IBA. And […]

Old friends…

For Ken, an old friend, who cut across age, cultures, schedules, biases and time to reach me time and again… Who taught me how to give, eat Nihari (beef stew) with a fork, Sushi in NYC and sunshine at Columbia. And put James Stewart to shame in Harvey… You were and are and will always […]

New year resolutions for my next startup or The Blue Screen revisited

Five years ago, I started work on the top ten ways to kill your startup. Here is the list, with one new addition, five years later. Technology is not a competitive advantage. Focus on the business problem not technological elegance or cool factor. Big customers are iffy. You generally don’t have the bandwidth to support […]

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In Singapore when a friend was asked about the state of affairs in Pakistan, post emergency and the protests by the legal fraternity: “In the US of A, if we had taken a bunch of lawyers and beaten them up, the community at large would have given us a medal. You would feature us on […]

Another year, another day, another deal…

It’s that time of the year again. Karachi is mellow, the breeze outside has a nice chill, the traffic is slower, the beach is calmer and there is Dean Martin singing Volare in the air. And I am still bullish on this amazing country of ours. Despite the pessimism, the cynics, the doom and nay […]

More free coverage

Net Express editor Rabia Garib does a great piece on Alchemy

PIA Business Plus or 30 minutes with ex Premier Jamali

I have never been a big fan of our national flag carrier so it took a bit of convincing to book myself on the Karachi – Islamabad 10 am run three Thursday’s ago. Given the state I am living in it took another set of coincidences that landed me in seat 1C (rather than 1D) […]