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January, 2008

Blue screen of death – download link

A lot of friends and readers have asked where they can get a full copy of the Blue Screen. You can download the complete book in PDF format by clicking here. Enjoy reading. And if you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it, drop me a line. And if you would […]


ZAK as promised ran a great show in Karachi. We started off with the Martin Luther king speech and wondered what it would look like if he had used power point. And ended with his DATA warehousing in Lahore story in the early 80’s… I was also able to sneak in a number of solid […]

Dancing away with the wind…

How can you not be bullish on a country where children can still make beautiful music like this: The event, CAS senior section sports day. The highlight: cheerleading display by class 3 and 4 students. You had to be there and see them dancing away with the wind. Here are a few snaps of what […]

Old posts – redux

And here for old DesiStartup posts

Life before Word Press…

Accidently stumbled on the blogger edition of DesiBackToDesh that I ditched in January 2007 after bloggers ill fated attempt to upgrade my blog. Old posts, old memories, with some of the original desi posts, click here

PIB Bond Auction results

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the central bank picked up about 11 billion rupees in the Pakistan investment bond (PIB) auction this evening. Cutoffs for the 5 offered tenors were as under: Tenor Cutoff yields 3 years 10.05% 5 years 10.25% 10 years 10.85% 15 years 11.75% 20 years 11.95% 30 years 12.11% The benchmark 30 […]

ZAK and Presentation Skills

One of the greatest regret of my life is not going to a school where Zaheer Kidvai taught. All of that should change on Saturday when he runs his infamous (better to be infamous, than famous) workshop on presentation skills at the Karachi Marriot. If you have anything to do with selling, presenting or convincing […]

Startup Insiders – through the pictures

PASHA and Green and White, started the new year with a bang. Even though the party didn’t get going till about 6:15 pm on the 17th, it was the place to be yesterday in Karachi. If you have been dying to scratch the itch of working for yourself, yesterday was the day you would have […]

Startup Insiders – directions

Here are directions to the PixSense Office, courtesy Adnan. See you there at 6:00 pm sharp. We will inshahallah start on time.  

Business Plus interview – review

PASHA Blog carries the video of the Business plus Interviews… Feedback Yes that really is Mr. Potato Head masquerading as Opti-MASH Prime in the foreground. It has always been important for me to remember to not take myself too seriously. I had to do something to balance out the suit. Yes I did speak about […]

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