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Startup Insiders – through the pictures

PASHA and Green and White, started the new year with a bang. Even though the party didn’t get going till about 6:15 pm on the 17th, it was the place to be yesterday in Karachi. If you have been dying to scratch the itch of working for yourself, yesterday was the day you would have found an 80 strong support group of mentors, fellow dreamers and at least one fluent French speaking CEO.

Here is the story as told by the unofficial PASHA camera of what really happened behind the innocuous looking sign posted outside PixSense dining area.

And if you don’t want to read the entire post the Startup Insider Panelists bringing smiles and being the focus of 80 people attention in the room, is what you missed.

5:55 pm – The Pitch

Osama Hashmi of Green and White/CDF SNIP closing in on the kill with Faisal Khan. If you think the picture is interesting, wait till you hear the audio. We are right now negotiating with both Faisal and Osama on the exactly the right price to be paid by both parties for us to conveniently misplace the audio files.

6:08 pm – The room begins to fill up

We had enough to get started at about 6:10, but we were really greedy. Original expectations were about 15-20 people in total and we had crossed over 20 by 6:08 pm

6:15 – standing room only

Come 6:15 and we had a standing room only session. Chairs were now going for a premium. Jehan started off with a quick thank you to Adnan Agboatwalla of Pix Sense and Osama and we were off.

The Panel

Azhar Rizvi and Dr. Zaheer of Tech Angel Network and MIT CEF, the team behind the BAP.

Faisal Khan, Net axis, blogger, CEO Forum, the know your customer’s pain and walk his walk and talk his talk CEO.

Faisal Qureshi (Dawn News, Kolachi Advance Technologies, Naukri Junction, Loose Ends, MENSA) – you need to look, dress and behave like a million dollars.

Osama Hashmi – I haven’t slept for 3 years

and Adnan of PixSense – Our host for the evening, the reality check and I have a startup and two kids, I don’t do sleep guy

Asif Qayyum of Si3, ECAccess – if I can do it from my bedroom in Karachi, so can you

Noman Shaikh of CreditChex – I don’t belong here since I have sold out but there is still hope for you…

6:45 pm – Over flow and rapt attention

The first question – What do I need to startup – Money, Idea, Team…

The last question – why do you do what you do?

In between is another post…