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February, 2008

MIT BAP, Ken Morse, TAN and Pakistan

The setting was a small conference room at the Marriot in the year that was 2006. We had heard Ken Morse was making a brief stopover in town on his way to Isloo and Nida my MIT sister had managed to pick up four invitations from the MIT Club in Karachi. We were a very […]


I think the magic formula that binds us together is that we are all a bit mad. The team that stands and speak. The lads that sit down and listen. The women who walk in and stay. The children who keep on dreaming. Some time it takes just two of us, half a generation apart, […]

Road trip

They say the only way to really know anyone is to travel with them. One part 400 kilometer motorway One part steady driving at the speed limit for 4 hours And one part three crazy individuals in the back seat! One crazier than the others….      

Zafar Khan

You heard it here first. There will come a day in all of your lives when you will say, I know Zafar Khan, I shook his hand and I wear his T-Shirts. A lucky few will say, I heard him speak at LUMS. Fewer still will declare, I lost to Zafar, one fine day in […]

Music in your soul

If the technology industry in Pakistan ever went looking for a face to represent it, I would suggest Fahd. With my eyes closed. To begin with, you can’t buy the sufi rock star look. You may fake it, but if there is no music in your soul, or wisdom in your words, it shows. Then […]


If you read one book this week, make sure it is Callisto. Forrest Gump, meets Raymond Chandler in the background of the war on terror and the American Midwest. If you like dark comedies/fiction, Callisto is as dark as it gets. Torsten Krol introduces himself as “Krol is a writer, nothing further is know about […]

SI 5 – Highlights

Enough said.

How not to do an event with the National ICT R&D Fund, or sadly, SI 5

The national ICT R&D Fund clearly showed yesterday where their priorities lay at the SI 5 event – wrt to ICT, R&D and Funding. In hearing themselves speak.    

How not to do an event with Telenor (TP) or, sadly, SI #5?

Startup Insiders # 5, location, Planet X, Islamabad Five words! Oops. A thousand apologies (we %$#*@! up royally) Never again. Or as Telenor CTO, Peter, the Desi, said, that is more than five words. For SI Fans who showed up it was a disaster. An event that was meant to inspire and motivate, turned into […]

Startup Insiders: Islamabad and Lahore

SI #5 and #6 are here. The series initiated by Green White and PASHA now marks two events each in three cities in less than two months. The Islamabad event scheduled for this Saturday afternoon 3 – 6pm. The Lahore event scheduled at LUMS on this Sunday afternoon 3 – 6pm. Details on Osama and […]

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