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Startup Insiders: Islamabad and Lahore

SI #5 and #6 are here. The series initiated by Green White and PASHA now marks two events each in three cities in less than two months.

The Islamabad event scheduled for this Saturday afternoon 3 – 6pm.

The Lahore event scheduled at LUMS on this Sunday afternoon 3 – 6pm.

Details on Osama and Jehan’s blog.

To get the most out of the sessions here is what you should do before you get to the event site

  1. Think through the top ten most important questions that you would want to get answered from a panel of local CEO’s.
  2. Put them down on a piece of paper or print them out.
  3. When you get to the event, look for Osama, Jehan, Zia, FQ or me and hand the sheet to one of us.
  4. When the event starts, if we don’t start with your questions, jump in with your list.
  5. Don’t be shy.
  6. If you think we are bullshitting you say so. If your question has not been answered, ask again.

Remember we are here for you and you alone. Make the most of the opportunity.

Look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow and day after. And if you will like to catch up, just follow directions to the slob with a red nose. That will be me.