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March, 2008

I thought I’d seen everything…

To Fawzia, my partner in crime and everything else… “I thought I’d seen everything – til I saw youI thought I’d been everywhere – til I’d been with youI thought that everyone knew what I knewI thought I’d seen everything – til I saw you…” Sometimes you don’t need poetry, just a sappy, mushy song […]

Extra, Extra…

FQ finally gives up and sues Jedi. Read all about it here As is the case with most great scandals, there are rumors of some nasty pictures involved.

SI 7 – roundup the usual suspects

I think of all the sessions we have done so far in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, we finally hit the right mix with the audience and the format with SI 7. It helped that we had a reasonable number of repeat offenders in the group listening to an equally offensive number of repeat CEO’s. We […]

Adnan – Our Pixsense host for SI 1 and SI 7

Adnan and I have this secret deal. The day I will put a half decent picture of his on my blog, I will get a few shares of Pix sense at the series A valuation. I have also successfully cut the same deal with Dr. Umar Saif at LUMS and BumpIn (but sadly enough Jehan […]

How to catch a bad pitch – SI 7 – Karachi – one

Just follow FQ’s reaction as Yusuf Jan, Jawwad Farid, Owais Zaidi pitch their wares at the role playing session on pitching and trip miserably. Faisal played the rude and rough customer role, riding all over our combined egos and our pitches on Saturday. Luckily we were only able to get Mr. Zaidi’s plight on camera. […]

I luv Roasters

The I love Roasters sub-committee at PASHA caught in action at the new Roasters outlet at Sindhi Muslim. There is a God in the heavens…. Not visible – Owais Zaidi since he volunteered to catch the guilty parties in the act. (The fat guy in blue is Jawwad (moa), followed by Zia, Jehan and Yusuf […]

Ease of doing business in Pakistan

I saw this World bank report a few months ago for the first time when it confirmed something that I had suspected all along. We don’t know how good we have it here in this country. If you are too busy being negative here is what you need to know: We are ranked at number […]

Startup Insider # 7 – Karachi is here

This Saturday, 22nd March at Pixsense. 3pm – 6pm “The secret of pitching… How to convince customers to give you time, money and respect” The usual SI suspects will be there. Don’t miss it.    

TAN is giving away money

MIT EF’s Tech Angel Network is giving away money (for equity in return) to promising technology startups with a credible story to tell. If you are one, send me a two pager explaining why you deserve TAN’s moolah as well as why you should be given a chance to make your pitch of a life […]

Hamaray Zamanay main (In our times…)

When I came out of school There was no PASHA. There was no Startup Insiders. Access to MIT was an expensive unreachable vision. The internet existed but we weren’t aware of it. A high end computer was defined as something with the cutting edge x286 processor in it. And yet, some of us still went […]