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How to catch a bad pitch – SI 7 – Karachi – one

Just follow FQ’s reaction as Yusuf Jan, Jawwad Farid, Owais Zaidi pitch their wares at the role playing session on pitching and trip miserably.

Faisal played the rude and rough customer role, riding all over our combined egos and our pitches on Saturday. Luckily we were only able to get Mr. Zaidi’s plight on camera. There is no evidence that Yusuf and I went through anything similar. (Just in case it is out there and you have it and you know what is good for you, it shall remain out there….(yes, this means you Jehan)

Owais beginning his pitch with Adnan and Yusuf Jan watching…

Owais tripping, Adnan wishing (be nice, be nice), and Faisal going “gotcha”

You-call-that-a-pitch Faisal with a thumbs down glare…

Lessons learnt

  1. What is the objective of the meeting – always keep the objective in front of you.
  2. Get an appointment – then pitch on your own terms in an environment where you have more control
  3. Focus on the body language – keep your eyes out for defensive, aggressive and attentive gestures
  4. Don’t interrupt, don’t be rude or inconsiderate
  5. Walk away if you have to
  6. Watch out for that blackberry
  7. Be prepared, do your research and show genuine interest
  8. Manage your tone – don’t be flat

I don’t know about others but I learnt a great deal from FQ, Owais, Adnan and Yusuf Jan about pitching on Saturday.