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The death of Cyber Net

Two years down the road this company will be dead, sold out or infamous (possibly all three). You heard it here first.

I have been a CyberNet customer for God knows how long. Maybe since 1996. I presume 12 years of loyal service gives me some bitching rights.

When they launched DSL we dumped Habib Rafique & Co and jumped ship immediately. When they launched DSL for home, we took four connections for our team members at home. Whenever we had problems Cyber was one of the most receptive and customer sensitive operations.

All of that changed about a year ago. We started seeing frequent outages and slower bandwidth. The customer service is still remarkable but the bandwidth issues kill everything. And the last two months have been pure torture. The office connection is long gone. We now have Maxcom, PTCL and Link dot net. The home connections are now up for renewals too and guess what? I am walking away.

Death comes slowly for large companies – One customer at a time.